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Michael Villasin has been a graphic designer for over 20 years. As a graduate from the Art Institute of Seattle School of Design, Michael was educated in print work, web design and digital illustration. Michael has a keen interest in illustration and technological advancements of digital media, and is also drawn to the challenges of complex information design.

Michael's strengths include the ability to take a project from concept to completion, to effectively communicate concepts visually, and to envision design solutions. Most importantly, Michael has a strong understanding of the design process, including space and balance, color composition, traditional art and computer graphics.

Michael is searching for an opportunity to be a part of a professional team where he can use his critical thinking skills to contribute to creative ideas and solutions. His online portfolio showcases portions of his work and highlights his artistic expression and visual clarity.

Design Approach

Recognizing that collaboration with the client is critical to achieving the client's design goals, Michael's approach centers around client communication and he offers the insight and flexibility essential to the development and continual refinement of the design project. This approach balances the need for the client's input with Michael's experience and perspective, both of which are necessary to advance the client's goals.

Michael believes that less is more in conceptual design. Before initiating any ideas, Michael analyzes both the possibilities and the limitations of the design project specifications. Because Michael understands the complexity behind communication and that function and simplicity of design is critical, he strives to create visual expression in a manner that facilitates the comprehension of content. To achieve this goal, his focus is on the clear, legible and "readability" of the graphics. To Michael, design is about harmony and connecting well-reasoned concepts, creativeness and craftsmanship to create the best possible user experience for either print or web design.